Simple Steps to Start Getting Healthy: Monitor Your Progress

So far in our series covering simple steps guys can take to get healthy, we've covered how to build a sustainable and scalable exercise routine, start a healthy diet, and make little changes to our routine to keep us running at an optimum level. As we wrap up our short series, we're going to look at monitoring our body's reaction to our new health programs and the importance of resting and resetting every now and then.

If you are attempting all of these health tips at once, you are going to feel noticeably different, and that can be a good thing! As your body changes, how you maneuver through daily life will change as well. As such, it is important to take note of what is happening and see if the changes you made in your life have their intended goal.

It can take some time for your body to react and adapt, though it should be noted that if you are feeling discomfort, you should not continue activities that are making you feel that way.

Gym Gains

Regardless of what your gym goals are, whether they be gaining muscle, losing weight, toning, or just staying active, you should be able to easily tell if you are making strides towards your overall goal. Particularly with exercise, the more you do it, and the harder you push yourself, the more of it you'll be able to do.

Guys looking to build muscle will likely notice three main things after the first few weeks of safely and correctly following a new exercise program. First, you'll notice that you are no longer sore after every workout. This is your body's natural response to constant muscle straining and stimulation. While feeling sore is a great sign (and a great feeling), overcoming that feeling and being ready for a next-day workout is even better. If you're no longer sore, your muscles are telling you that they are growing and can handle more.

Next, you'll likely notice that you're able to stay at the gym longer and do more meaningful reps. Those first few gym sessions will be tough with soreness and a general lack of energy after doing a few exercises. That's normal, and your body will adapt to using your muscles more strenuously. The more you keep pushing yourself, the further you will be able to go!

Finally, guys looking to build muscle will know right away that their program is working because they will be able to lift more weight. If you are pairing your workout with a good pre-workout supplement, you'll be certain to see the gains immediately. A good way to keep track of this is to have a note on your phone with the amount of weight you can use and how many reps you do. This way, you chart your progress across major muscle groups.

You may also feel more motivation and energy to go to the gym each day, but that may be more due to establishing a habit and your diet.

Diet Gains

The results of your diet are much harder to judge than your gym gains, but there are a few ways to monitor how you are doing without the need for a doctor's visit or expensive instruments. Of course, how you monitor your wellbeing after a new diet depends on what the diet is and the goals you've set for yourself; however, these simple tips cover most things.

If you've decided to go all-in on a ketogenic diet and are supplementing your hard work with a proper dose of ketones, after about two weeks, you should be noticing that your energy levels are starting to rise. You may be a bit longer to start seeing the pounds start falling off, but trust us - it's well worth the wait.

For other diets, our best advice would be to analyze your goal and what you want to get out of it. Then, take a baseline for some of the improvements you want to make, such as increased energy, toning away some unwanted fat, or even your mood throughout the day. As we said before, you are what you eat.

Cheat Days are OK

The most important thing we want to stress here is that mental health and physical safety are the two critical elements of achieving your health goals. To that end, we want to stress that getting healthy doesn't need to be hyper-serious to the point that your mental health and physical safety are compromised.

Don't be alarmed if you feel the cravings for some unhealthy or non-diet food or just want to take a break and skip the gym after a tough day at work; we are human, after all! Cheat days or cheat meals help keep us mentally grounded and balanced, which are also critical elements of good overall health.

Keto guys - sorry. Cheat days may have to take a back seat if your goal is hitting ketosis, but we promise that the first cheat meal will be well worth it!

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