Simple Steps to Start Getting Healthy: Building an Exercise Routine

For most guys, getting in shape means two things: hitting the gym and eating better. These are two things that are much easier said than done and become even more challenging when trying to start both at the same time. It can be a chore to start from scratch, but the results will be well worth it.

If you’re a guy struggling to take the all-important first step into taking control of his health, then you are in the right place. Being in full control of your health is one of the most difficult things to master, as it takes knowledge and discipline to start working practices into a routine. We’ve put together a few helpful tips that will help any guy make progress on his health journey and that are easy to incorporate into a routine.

Remember, getting healthy is not something that can be achieved after a few weeks; so be prepared for some hard work and view this as a long-term goal.

Build a Routine Which Works for You

One of the most challenging things about starting to get healthy and in shape is starting a workout routine. We’ve all been in the position of mentally preparing to go to the gym, only to struggle to find the time and motivation to get up and go. Even though that doesn’t seem like a big step, it can be. The best practice to break your old routine and start a new one is to start small.

You may be inclined to think that joining a gym is a small first step, but in reality, it’s more likely a waste of money. Before investing in an expensive gym, start a small workout routine at home using just bodyweight. Depending on your current physical condition, there are dozens of easy-to-learn exercises that can have a serious impact.

If you are having trouble getting your body physically ready for a workout, try taking a natural supplement that promotes the production of nitric oxide. For your workout routine, it’s best to start with a few exercise goals that can easily be completed in about 15 minutes. 15 minutes is enough time to break a sweat and is also fully manageable. We all have 15 minutes a day.

Start with some basic exercises and build upon them by trying to do more repetitions each day. Try the first two days and see how many of each exercise you can do, then make a calendar with daily goals that you are confident you can hit. The main goal in this phase is not to see exercise results, but rather to incorporate exercise into your routine.

The bonus of doing the workout at home is that you eliminate the need for motivation to go to the gym. By starting at home, you are building a routine that is easy to maintain, and that can be expanded upon.

After a week or so, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself wanting to do different exercises and needing some additional equipment to do so. Once you hit this phase, then it’s time to join a gym.

Join a Gym

Once you have comfortably fit a few steady workouts into your weekly routine, you will want to join a proper gym. Joining a gym provides a few major benefits, chief among them are access to equipment and the ability to maximize your workouts.

Having access to a wealth of advanced equipment can open many doors on your quest for better health. Regardless of your exercise goals, whether that be weight loss or building muscle, there are machines and equipment that you can use which make each exercise that much more helpful.

That’s where the second major benefit lies. Because you are new to doing an exercise routine and still may be adapting to folding that into your schedule, you’ll want to make every minute of exercise count. Those supplements you took to help get your body ready for the gym will additionally help you make the most of your workouts by increasing blood flow throughout your body.

Before you know it, daily exercise will become a habit and something your body and mind look forward to each day. Taking a step-by-step approach to exercise as opposed to diving in head-first will help create a routine and ultimately get you exercising more regularly. Remember, getting healthy is a marathon, not a sprint.

Next time, we’ll be looking at the other half of getting in shape and will tackle some ways to start eating better to both support your exercise and live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

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