Let the Psyllium Husk in Bio Rev Cleanse Optimize Your Gut Bacteria

It’s finally 2021 - a time to start anew and give your body and mind a fully healthy reset. Before your rush off and buy a new gym membership and stock up on food that fits within your new diet, it is important to understand and focus on regulating your body. Knowing the finer details of your body’s inner workings will help make your resolution efforts that much more impactful.

To help regulate your body in a lasting and effective way, First BioHealth has launched Bio Rev Cleanse, an advanced dietary supplement that cleanses your system and creates a healthy internal environment. Made from psyllium husk, alfalfa, and other natural ingredients, Bio Rev Cleanse supplements will clear out and reset your stomach’s gut bacteria and promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Consider your digestive system like a home’s plumbing. If you want to do maintenance on your pipes, your first need to clear out all the gunk and buildup that lines the inside of the system. Your digestive system works in similar ways, in that it needs a regular cleansing to make sure that its organs are functioning properly. The most effective and natural way to do this is through psyllium husk.

What is psyllium husk and benefits

Psyllium is a species of flowering plant whose seeds are used commercially in food as a source of fiber. Psyllium in particular is farmed for its mucilage, or husk, which is a natural, liquid-like secretion from the blooming plant. When dried these husks are used in all sorts of popular grains and cereals, especially in things like muesli and oats due to their high fiber content.

Because of this high fiber content, psyllium husk is used in many natural laxatives and medicines. Inside your body, psyllium husk absorbs the water in your stomach and makes bowels movements smoother and more regular. It can often be used as a one-time solution to constipation. That said, the long-term benefits of taking psyllium husk supplements, such as Bio Rev Cleanse, far outshine the short term relief.

Taking regular supplements of psyllium husk will help keep your bowel movements regular. For some, maintaining regularity is not as automatic as it is for others, and having irregular movements may be the sign of a greater health concern. Psyllium natural tendency to attract and mop up water helps keep the digestive system running on a regular schedule. By soaking up some water and gut bacteria and flushing it out of your system, psyllium husk cleanses your gut and makes sure that unwanted bacteria are forced out.

What is gut bacteria / biome

“Gut bacteria” or “gut biome” may be terms you’ve come across as you read into ways to improve your overall health. In essence, your digestive system is home to hundreds of different species of bacteria. What you eat and drink play pivotal roles in what kind of bacterial biome you are growing inside your digestive system. Your gut is likely home to both good and bad bacteria, and like most things, you want more of the good and less of the bad.

Gut bacteria is responsible for your body breaks down foods and processes them. For example, if you are eating a lot of foods that are typically in your diet and finding that the effects of eating them are a little different, then there is probably something unsavory brewing in your gut. Symptoms like stomach aches or other minor illnesses can mostly be traced back to what's growing in your gut.

Psyllium husk supplements like Bio Rev Cleanse help clear out much of the unwanted bacteria and in turn promote the growth of better gut bacteria. Are you still thinking about that new diet? Well best to reset and refresh your gut biome before endeavoring on a healthy diet so that you are creating a better environment for those foods to be processed.

Other Health Benefits of Bio Rev Cleanse

Improving your gut biome is critical to improving your body’s immune system. Since your stomach and digestive tract are the primary sources of food and nutrients for the rest of your body, virtually every other organ is affected by how healthy your gut is, especially your immune system. Healthy tissues and cells are essential for fighting diseases.

Bio Rev Cleanse contains natural extracts from sources like ginger and garlic, foods that have been proven to promote healthy gut biomes. Psyllium husk itself, by some definitions, is a prebiotic, meaning that it helps promote the growth of bacteria. This means that when you take Bio Rev Cleanse you are not only clearing out bad bacteria, you are introducing foods that promote the growth of good bacteria as well.

With so much emphasis being placed on what we eat, it’s important to understand what happens under the hood. Rather than waste time and money following a dieting plan when your digestive system is not optimized, introduce Bio Rev Cleanse into your supplement routine and start your 2021 health kick from the ground up!

Image by Laszlo Bartucz from Pixabay