5 Easy Strategies to Help Ease into Keto

Are you making the final decision to officially start the keto diet? Congratulations on making a great stride towards getting healthy!

As we all know, the keto diet is challenging and unforgiving of mistakes. Eat the wrong foods, and your body can fall out of ketosis, make too drastic of a change, and you can suffer from the dreaded “keto flu”.

If you are on the precipice of your health journey via the keto diet, here are few helpful tips to assist you while you get started. Like all of our tips, these are general and may not be fully suitable for you. Please consult with a physician or medical professional should you have any concerns with how your diet is progressing.

Start Slow, There’s no Need to Rush

In not so many words, the keto diet can be a total shock to your body. Particularly if you are accustomed to eating carbs with every meal, like many eastern cultures do with rice and western cultures with pasta and grains, fully depriving yourself of carbs can be difficult for your body to adjust to.

When starting a major diet like keto, you will want to start slowly and gradually get yourself into it. Ketosis doesn’t happen overnight, so approaching your diet with a long-term perspective will help you manage your expectations and make it easier for your body and mind to adjust accordingly.

A simple way to start slowly is to methodically remove foods that fall out of the keto framework. For example, cutting things like candy and soda can be a good first step to reducing carbs. Then, you can move to eliminate other carbs like bread and grains. Not every step has to be a major one.

One way you’ll be able to know if you are moving too quickly is if your body starts to react negatively. Your body knows more than your brain does, so listen to what it is telling you before you continue.

Take a Ketone Supplement

We know from our previous blog that when your body is deprived of carbs, it needs to burn something else for energy. When in need of fuel, your liver will produce ketones, which are an acid that helps break down fats and converts them into energy. This process is called ketosis.

But ketosis takes a while to happen naturally and requires an unrelenting dedication to the diet. For beginners, this can be the most challenging part. Rather than toil and struggle mentally and physically, you can take a ketone supplement to introduce ketones into your body and jumpstart ketosis.

Especially if you are starting slowly and gradually, ketone supplements will make the entire process much smoother. Overcoming the first big hurdle is the key to sustaining a diet; there’s no shame in soliciting some assistance from a supplement!

Establish a Shopping Routine and Stock Up

When doing any diet or meal plan, the easiest way to get derailed is to not have safe food on hand. If you are home after a long day of work and see your fridge is empty, you will be more likely to cheat on your diet than if you had diet-friendly food ready to go.

We recommend setting aside time in your weekly calendar to visit the supermarket and stock up on food supplies. Some keto-friendly foods have a lengthy shelf life, so make sure your pantry or freezer is stocked with these items at all times. Fresh ingredients like meats and veggies can be purchased when needed.

Establish Strict Portion Control

Overeating is a general practice to avoid, but with keto, it could have more serious consequences. Overconsuming your macronutrients, like proteins and fats, can confuse your body. For example, unused proteins may be turned into glucose which would knock your body out of ketosis.

If you are working with a nutritionist, they will be able to help you design portions that fit with your daily macronutrient intake. Be tactful when dividing up your food into portions, and be sure not to overeat.

Eat Only When You Are Hungry

Similar to portion control, you will want to establish a good practice of eating only when you are hungry. Though opposite to portion control, this practice is more mental than physical. It can certainly be tempting to eat a small snack when you are tired during the day, or you may be easily convinced to eat if your friends are coworkers are sharing a snack or meal.

Since ketosis acts as a natural appetite suppressant, your body will know exactly when it needs refueling. Trust in your guy, literally!

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